Responsibility and respect

"I developed the SIGGIS brand based on my own philosophy of life. Responsibility and respect towards humans, animals and nature are my number one priority – and that requires proactive action not only in private but also when choosing a career. This lead to my business idea: making organic vegan nutrition from fair trade products easily accessible (for take-out), offering customers, even skeptics, an information platform on the subject and sustainably proving that a lucrative, innovative concept that corresponds to the vegan lifestyle is possible without exploitation and suffering. It has been a discernible and continuous trend for a while now and the demand is increasing: This is our future.

Now is the time ...

It’s time for a lasting change in both thinking and acting. With my company I contribute to that change and I pursue my goals with determination."

Sigrid Lutz


My vision

  • A “healed” world
  • Responsibility and respect towards humans, animals and nature!
  • Fairness and solidarity

Tolerance for unscrupulousness?

Greed for profit and power, ruthlessness and megalomania are destroying the earth. A majority of people seems to be tolerating these traits, despite the infinite misery that they cause. Those most affected are underprivileged people as well as innocent creatures who suffer from modern-day slavery, torture and merciless exploitation to the point of annihilation.
War, mass murder and the utter destruction of nature are widely accepted – as long as the money keeps coming.

The public is often blinded by striking, seemingly humane excuses. We are being told that countries need to be liberated but only countries that possess oil resources or are otherwise economically useful. Corporations support charitable purposes – making for good and effective publicity – while concealing their production processes and thus deviously facilitating child labor to the point of utter exhaustion or even death.
The consequences of factory farming for humans and nature are disastrous but the profit margin blinds and deafens people, including consumers who don’t want to give up on their cheap "meat". That is particularly hard to understand given the fact that animals as our beloved pets are taken better care of than any child from a low-income family or a crisis-ridden country. Yet, many people still love their “Schnitzel” – but even the Schnitzel used to have eyes and a soul and was able to feel pain.

My mission

That bothers ME! I can't support it, I can’t bear it and I can’t keep silent! It is my mission to break the destructive cycle and to be an active part of a big movement of like-minded people that changes the world and enables a lasting healing.